Cory Ortman-Grove CityCory Ortman-Grove City

Cory Ortman-Grove City

I was never supposed to be in the fitness industry. At 13 years old I weighed 300lbs, I was notmotivated, didn’t want to play sports, and was on a fast track to a multitude of health-relatedissues. I’m not sure what happened, but one day, I decided enough was enough. I got out ofbed and tried to do 5 sit ups. I was upset with how exhausted that made me, so the next night Idid 6 sit ups. As the days went on, I continued on this path until one day I did 3 sets of 300 situps, at 14 years old. I had lost 100lbs in 10 months and a LIFER was created.Since then, I have tried to put myself in the best situations to learn not only how to train myself buthelp others as well. I woke up early, studied, failed, tried again, failed some more and persistedmy way until I found myself at 614 Barbell where I believe I can help the most people.