Eric Miller-HilliardEric Miller-Hilliard

Eric Miller-Hilliard

My name is Eric Miller and I am the owner of 614 Barbell. I have been a Personal Trainer for 8 years and received my Personal Training Certification from The National Personal Trainer Institute here in Columbus, Ohio.

My Coaching career began in 2011 and I am blessed to still be helping people reach their goals to this day. As I have progressed throughout the years my training philosophy’s have evolved and have allowed me to help clients of all types. I was worked successfully with clients who range from 15 yrs old to 75 yrs of age obtain their goals and overall become more healthy, loose weight, or become a better athlete. My goal as a coach is not to have to train with me forever but to teach and give you the knowledge to one day be able to step out on your own and become more confident in the gym and daily life.